Waterproof trousers for mountaineering, ski mountaineering and ice fall climbing, a real gem in Fast & Light style, featuring a very lightweight bib with minimalist braces that make it quick and easy to wear, comfortable and stable once it is on. We have implemented an innovative fastening system that allows you to keep the braces on even if the trousers are taken off. Definitely the most stretchy, lightweight and packable in the category, designed entirely and pre-shaped for maximum ease of movement. For easy pull-on, the legs feature full-length double-slider side zips - so they can be fully opened. These trousers are constructed with Dermizax Ev, even more durable than the material used for the jacket and come with the iconic denim print. The side pockets can be opened for easy venting. The stretch, reinforced gaiters feature a width adjustment system that makes them easy to wear even over bulky boots or, if fastened, very safe to use with crampons.

  • trousers with bib and braces
  • quick to fasten / release
  • full-length double-slider side zips
  • gaiters with innovative adjustment system for use with crampons


€ 450,00



This product is currently not available.

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