Renewing ourselves while keeping the "straight edge" on product focus. Along these lines, we have "renamed" one of our historic garments, the Pull Cervino. Changing the name does not mean changing the skin, but simply offering the user a clearer reading of the increasingly clear direction the Fast & Light collection is taking. The Pull Acceleration is part of the Acceleration outfit, which together with the ski touring trousers represents the essence of what Crazy believes is the best and most effective way to practice this sport, a true derivative of the race world. The Italian Vuelta fabric is warm, bi-elastic, breathable with a light water repellent treatment. The back, in contact with the backpack, is in High Performance 3 D fleece with honeycomb cells that guarantee high breathability. The fabric inside has Graphene treatment with temperature regulating, anti-wear, anti-static and bacteriostatic properties. The fit is athletic, with two large zipped chest pockets, an internal and an external skin pocket. The ARTVA pocket defines the clear use.

  • - open hybrid pullover with front zip - large zipped chest pockets - external skin pockets - inside pocket for ARTVA - elastic bottom hem - elastic bottom band - VUELTA and HP 3D fabric with honeycomb chambers - inner fabric with Graphene treatment


€ 200,00





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