A Crazy Story

I’m Valeria Colturi (Crazy Owner) You can find my passion in every Crazy item.
I have always put my whole self into making you feel different in Crazy clothing, every time you leave the house... When you’re in the mountains or when you’re just dreaming of being there!

I was born in Bormio, a beautiful area of thermal baths with over 1000 years of history, protected by the Italian Central Alps of the Province of Sondrio at 1200 meters’ above sea level. My life as a child was divided between school and sport commitments. The school of my youth was the Ski Club Alta Valtellina. Cross-country skiing, my friendships, training, everything revolved around competitive commitments. However since I was a young girl, I would play with dolls and I had a passion for crafting exclusive items for them…their clothing. As you know, all girl’s dolls are identical and homogeneous and this is what I have always wanted to fight. From here everything began… curiosity, attention to detail, fashion inspiration, color-matching, choice of fabrics. The period of the dolls soon passed but if you live in the mountains in addition to the daily tasks you choose to be an athlete. Life becomes a whirlwind; school, quick lunch, training, tests, competitions, disappointments and successes, this is all that has marked the years of my youth. When I was competing I also found the same problems that I saw with the dolls. Small athletes dressed as “soldiers” with inadequate products, wrong sizes, impractical colors, unsuitable fabrics and cold… this stimulated my imagination, creativity and curiosity even more. I started creating my own clothing for training and competitions. There was no planning, there was no marketing, only passion. The more I created, the more curious I became. I then bought my first sewing machine, I designed, invented and experimented with great success... I finished school and while the competitive spirit has given me some great satisfaction in the past, like winning the Italian Championships, this no longer what excites me. I chose the hardest path to follow my dream, create perfect technical garments for the sports I love. I knew I had to break away from the ‘norm’ in order to succeed. I only saw the same products, that derived from a few customary ideas, without a soul. I want my clothes to have a soul, to be the mirror of who wears them. I want to get away from the regular fabrics and I want to get away from the standard ‘black and red’ colours… I want to be able to use my imagination and my imagination is what I used and It is what has allowed me to get to this point and it is still what excites me and empowers me in continuing this journey. I created a company always thinking of you wearing my clothes. The design center and a large part of the production workshop have always been located in my beautiful hometown. My products are distributed in over 150 selected stores in Italy and you can find them in 7 foreign countries. My clothes, you may like, or not like, they may excite you or maybe not, but one thing you will agree upon is that they are different from anything you can find. I make extraordinary clothes ... thinking of you and the beautiful moments you’re going to experience in them.

When I’m in the mountains and I see you wearing them, I’m proud and it makes me happy to see that there are others like me who want to be unique... and Crazy.

A girl born in the mountains, with a dream!

Valeria Colturi

Fast & Light

Fast & light, our philosophy... Behind the study, research and safety of speed, because from the “racing” world, perfection is born

Crazy has always been synonymous with fast and light. We at Crazy invented the competitive ski mountaineering clothing. We have grown up with a stopwatch in our hands. We are the partners of high achieving athletes and we are the greatest discoverers of talent. But let me tell you something you did not expect...

We also love to climb mountains, enjoying the landscape beat the track and move the light powder that has just settled around the pines, perhaps after a big snowfall. We are of the idea that everyone is free to enjoy the mountain in the best way they know how. We do not set rules or guidelines and certainly we don’t force the mountain lovers to become downhill racers in suits. We believe that, however, and we are certain, whatever way you choose to enjoy the mountain, it should be done in maximum safety and comfort. The Crazy Line for the ski-tour has two fundamental characteristics, it started for the needs of athletes but is developed into a brand that considers the needs of all types of mountain lovers. There is a common need for all of us mountain lovers to feel as good as we can physically by keeping dry, safe, warm and comfortable and to also look as good as we can on the mountain. Many brands offer clothing lines and promote the use of the best fabrics and finest accessories, but after checking the label of the clothing…Very few offer the right fitting and best technical solution. Very few are able to design a unique style that makes you stand out, makes you feel adequate and at the same time feel comfortable. The choice is yours!

Crazy is a family company where the design, style and all products are personally created by the owner Valeria Colturi. The tests of the garments are made internally... by us, or sometimes with the collaboration of our Crazy friends, athletes and testimonials from mountain lovers like you. We use fabrics from companies that care more about the quality of products rather than marketing. In the mountains we know how to go fast, but we also know how to appreciate mountain times .... and yours!

Fast & light, our motto

…be Crazy!


At Crazy we do it all ourselves!
In a world where globalisation is taking over. We have continued to keep our production, design and operations local here in Italy.

Globalization has forced companies to relocate overseas and many brands that were originally established in Europe have only been able to keep their administrative offices within the EU. We at Crazy, as good Mountain dwellers have remained in our original Valley in the Italian Alps. We are determined to continue to work and produce our clothing brand here in the alpine valleys. We hope to satisfy our global customer base by remaining true to our heritage and proud of our traditions.

In Triano, in the Province of Sondrio, at the mouth of the valley of Bernina you will find our administrative and production headquarters. We have over 40 employees there, among them many professional athletes and experts on the mountain slopes. The study and design teams are all operating internally, and are all firmly guided by the company owner, Valeria Colturi. Next to the administration Offices is the production workshop. This is where the garments are manufactured with the use of advanced machinery and the latest technology to ensure that the gluing, embroidery, prints, flat seams processes are of the highest standard and that all manufacturing operations are managed on one site.

The collections evolve from an idea, then we discuss the product and then we prepare sample products. These samples are then tested in the real environment where we receive feedback and make the necessary changes enabling us to create a sample product line. After the sales campaign, the end products are manufactured to be sold. While this process may seem simple it is in fact quite complex. It continually becomes more difficult to find high quality manufacturers and this is why we control, manage and undertake every stage of the process line.

…be Crazy!

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