Fast & Light

As soon as I got home, I rushed to take off that awful ski jacket.
I sweated in it during every workout! It was cold, heavy, and not breathable at all.

Does it really have to be so uncomfortable?

And do pants really have to be so bulky, full of pockets and made with such irritating fabrics? And do technical shirts really have to be so stiff and cold?"

Not that there were alternatives. "This is how mountain clothing is" everybody told me.

I was a young cross-country athlete. I also had the great satisfaction of winning the Italian Junior Championships, but my heart wasn't just beating for sports.

It was 1989 when I decided that mountain clothing could change. I wanted to believe in this dream and create the alternative myself.

Hours of designing, cutting fabrics, trying to imagine the moment in which I could present my collections at an International Fair or in a catalog that would travel the world, on the counters of the most prestigious sporting goods stores.

I started by opening a boutique for athletes and I had the honor of dressing the best athletes of modern mountain sports.

Among the various athletes I was able to collaborate with, two in particular presented me with a unique challenge. In those years the first competitions in the mountains were born: ski mountaineering in winter and skyrunning in summer, but there were no suitable clothes for those new disciplines.

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Those athletes were Fabio Meraldi and Adriano Greco, the true pioneers of mountain speed.

Together with them I designed and created the technical solutions necessary to face those extreme races. The first ski mountaineering suit and the first skyrunning clothing were born.

Taking a cue from the innovations arising from the needs of the ski mountaineering and sky running athletes, I started to create new products for those who wanted to experience the mountains every day.

I created garments that pushed the limits of traditional clothing through continuous innovations. We combined the best technologies on the market with comfort and performance.

Learning from the world of racing that I knew so closely, I removed anything superfluous and minimized the weight and the bulk of my products, to allow my customers to experience the mountains effectively, fast and light.

Over the years, many companies have followed Crazy's path and the dream I believed in is now called Fast and Light.

The clothing that marked the new era of going to the mountains.

Fast and light wants to be the complete opposite of traditional clothing. I also started to use prints and colors that were unknown in the mountain world of the time. Fantasy and style were reserved only for fashion. But who said that mountain clothing had to look sad?

At Crazy we invented the fast and light clothing and we were the only company to follow this philosophy with all our products.

Traditional mountain clothing vs Fast and Light mountain clothing

The Fast & Light spirit represents a complete revolution in the way we go to the mountains.

The strong points of this philosophy are:

  • Be effective in the mountains
  • Don't bring anything more than what you need
  • Don't carry anything heavy and bulky

This spirit was born with a clothing revolution, which was followed by the accessories revolution.

In short, the Fast & Light clothing wants to help you move effectively by reducing weight and volume to the maximum and by removing unnecessary elements.

So, we go from big heavy jackets full of pockets, made with heavy fleece and wool, to light clothing that offer an athletic fit and are made with elastic fabrics.

But what differentiates the Fast & Light clothing from the traditional one?


Traditional Clothing

Before the advent of new technologies, the only way to create warm clothes was to use bulky and heavy fabrics. Even today, traditional companies use fabrics of this type, which only give the impression of being warm.

Fast & Light Clothing

The new generation fabrics used in Fast & Light garments allow to maintain the same thermal characteristics, at the same time drastically reducing bulk and weight. They are light and breathable fabrics, thus allowing free movement.

Body Mapping

Traditional Clothing

Only one generic fabric is used for the whole apparel, without taking into account that different body parts have different needs

Fast & Light Clothing

After mapping and studying the needs of each body part, we use different fabrics for the same apparel in order to satisfy the need for warmth, elasticity and breathability of the different areas of the body.


Traditional Clothing

Only one generic fabric is used for the whole garment, without taking into account that different parts of the body have different needs.

Fast & Light Clothing

After mapping and studying each part of the body, we design our clothes combining different fabrics, in order to meet the needs of heat, elasticity and breathability of the different areas of the body.


Traditional Clothing

Traditional clothing follows a 'one size fits all' approach.

Fast & Light Clothing

We want to avoid compromises to guarantee our customers an athletic fit and the best possible solution for them

Technical Attributes

Traditional Clothing

As many technical attributes as possible (pockets, zips, hoods) are added to traditional clothes, in order to make them potentially suitable for any type of activity and situation.

Fast & Light Clothing

Each of our products is designed with a specific destination in mind. For this reason, we add only the fundamental technical attributes for each specific activity, again, in order to reduce weight and bulk.


Traditional Clothing

Mountain clothing is serious, made in black or dull colors. Also, its design hasn't changed for decades.

Fast & Light Clothing

Fast & Light clothing is designed to stand out in the mountains, it is colorful and fashionable.