Fabio Leoni Mountaineer, climber, cyclist and friend of Crazy Idea Founder and owner of Vertical Shop in Arco di Trento

I am always on the lookout for new stimuli. I had the good fortune to meet Valeria some years ago; she's constantly buzzing with novel ideas and ingenious schemes, and I immediately adopted her company motto at Vertical: Be Crazy!

Valeria and Luca have helped transform our way of thinking, and the clothes we offer our customers and friends.

The friendship between us is more than a business relationship; it also involves a discussion of plans and ideas, and an innovative approach to the future.

During my career, I have worn outfits from many different companies, but Crazy products offer unique comfort and adaptability. This has made them a leader in the field of ski mountaineering, a popular choice for outdoor sports and a trend-setter in the world of climbing.

Mathéo Jacquemoud Class of 1990 and Crazy athlete since 2009 Pierra Menta winner in 2016

My relationship with Crazy is not just a sponsorship arrangement: for me, they are like a second family.

With their high quality materials and products specially designed for ski mountaineering races, they are certainly the leader in this sector. This is Italian class! Simplicity, a love of beautiful products, quality and originality, all make Crazy Idea into something really special.

Valeria and Luca and all the team gave me confidence from the start, and continue to respect my choices and the way I show my love of the mountains.
I am proud and happy to continue working with Crazy for years to come.

Fabio Meraldi Alpine Guide, Skyrunner, Recordman and Skialper

For the first ski mountaineering races we just used to wear a simple athlete's outfit, an ordinary two-piece tracksuit. Of course, there were a lot of problems with that.
Together with Adriano Greco, my team-mate, I decided to contact Valeria and asked her to design a race outfit with all the features we needed.

From the initial idea, she soon created the product. This project was highly innovative, completely revolutionising the way we dressed.
It was the very first outfit for ski mountaineering races.

None of us thought that ski mountaineering would become what it is today, and that this outfit would become famous worldwide. We believe in what we love, and that's exactly what we want to keep doing together, right into the future.

Thank you Vale, thank you CRAZY

Franco Collé Winter and summer Team Pazzo’s athlete. Winner of TOR DE GEANTS 2018

I used the Crazy "The Legend" garments for both the Tor 2017 and the Tor 2018. The 2018 was the perfect edition, I won this magical race for the second time.

I competed always with the complete "The Legend” and won in the company of my team mate, the strong skialper from Bergamo William Boffelli, the Alagna - Margherita - Alagna, I use Crazy garments also for skialp competitions.

With Crazy I find myself at ease in every situation, in endurance races of this length you can not cheat, every detail must be taken care of in detail, everything must be perfect.